A P3 and Design-Build Solved Two Challenges for the City of Midland

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CONTENT EXPIRES: December 31, 2023

The City of Midland partnered with private industry to improve their aging Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) and generated a new revenue stream to support long-term operating needs and used the design-build method to achieve optimal results. Private industry needed an affordable supply of water to support their processing needs and the City of Midland needed some improvements completed to comply with new permit requirements. The local industry paid for the necessary improvements at the WPCP to meet the new permit requirements while also agreeing to pay for the use of the effluent to off-set the City’s long-term operating costs.


1. The attendee will be able to apply the design-build method for solving water shortages in areas experiencing high levels of population growth 

2. Understand how design-build fits into a public private partnership 

3. Define and analyze a different type of public private partnership 

4. Apply this type of partnership in other geographic regions

Cory Moose

Assistant Utilities Director

City of Midland

Cory Moose is a licensed water and wastewater operator for the City of Midland. He is also the assistant director of the utility and was the project manager for the improvements discussed in this session.

Steve Patterson

Vice President & Project Director


Steve Patterson brings over 25 years of award-winning leadership in traditional design, design-build (DB), design-build-operate (DBO), and construction management for water and wastewater treatment facilities. He is currently serving as the Operations Director for the eastern portions of the US for all Jacobs DB and DBO projects.

Laren Blevins

Senior Project Manager

Pioneer Natural Resources

Mr. Blevins has more than 25 years in the energy field serving in numerous roles. He is a senior project manager for Pioneer and has been the leader on this project to bring together a diverse group to solve multiple challenges.

Lamar Parker

Project Manager


Mr. Parker is the project manager for Jacobs Engineering and for this project. He has been working in the construction field for more than 25 years. He has worked along side Mr. Moose and Mr. Blevins on a daily basis to deliver this critical project.

Alan Van Reet

Sr. Operations Manager

Pioneer Water Management LLC

Alan is a founding member of Pioneer Water Management LLC (PWM), leading operations since inception in 2014. Prior to PWM, he held various Pioneer engineering and leadership roles, from Tunisia to EFS Midstream, South Texas drilling, and Mid-Continent gas plant operations.


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