Mud Mountain Dam Tunnel Re-armoring

Recorded On: 10/27/2020

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It can be difficult to innovate working with the Federal customer, even on a small project and with the advantages of design-build. Contracting rules, multiple users and review participants make it difficult to gain consensus around new ideas for project delivery. The Mud Mountain Dam Tunnel Re-armoring project is a good example of how Garney Construction, design team member ILF and the Army Corps of Engineers came together to deliver a unique small project reducing the life cycle costs and substantially extending the life of the tunnel liner.

Jim Morrison

Vice President and Technical Director, COWI NA

Jim Morrison, Vice President and Technical Director of COWI NA, has over 38 years of geotechnical and civil engineering experience including tunnels, bridges, dams, hydroelectric, highways, deep excavations, transportation, water/sewer systems, and environmental management. He is a professional Engineer, registered in 18 US States and 3 Canadian Provinces. As a leader, Jim has managed all aspects of project execution. He is expert in the current state of technology for TBM excavation, including slurry shield and earth pressure balance technology, tunnel lining, and shaft and portal design and construction. Jim has led expert review teams, design teams, quality review teams, forensic evaluation teams, expert panel review teams responsible for both quality assurance and forensic troubleshooting, and actively participates on Dispute Review Boards.

Prior to acquisition by COWI,  Mr. Morrison served as President and Managing Director of ILF-USA, responsible for all aspects of ILF business with offices in Reston VA, Traverse City MI, Denver CO, and Seattle WA. For the Mud Mountain project, He served as Project Director and Engineer of Record.

Jim is currently actively engaged in dispute resolution on major tunnel construction projects across North America and has written numerous technical papers and has presented keynote addresses to technical conferences around the world. Throughout his career, he has been recognized by his peers for his exceptional contributions to the underground construction industry.

Jay McQuillen, P.E.

Garney Construction

With over 40 years of experience, Jay has held many design and construction roles. Starting in the design industry as a consultant, Jay obtained his Professional Engineer license and represented Owners as an on-site Resident Engineer. After obtaining a master’s degree in Civil Engineering, Jay held roles in the construction industry, starting out as Field and Project Engineer, Superintendent and Estimator. Beginning in 1989, Jay began managing every aspect of self-perform heavy civil construction, from the pursuit and estimating, to project execution and closeout. Further in his career, he was responsible for managing all aspects of the heavy civil construction business in Southern California and the Pacific Northwest. Jay has been responsible for design-build projects with contract values greater than $235 million. Currently, Jay pursues, estimates, and executes heavy civil projects in the Federal market sector for Garney Construction. 


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1.00 CEU credit  |  Certificate available