Managing the Fear Curve: Real-World Tools to Help Teams Deliver in Times of Crisis

Recorded On: 03/31/2020

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Fear + Uncertainty = Paralysis. That choice & equation doesn’t have to be a reality for the AEC industry, especially design-builders with enough courage to innovate and adapt with their clients. Now’s the time to assess the needs of your market, organize and gather all the tools available to build a crisis and recovery plan.

Sr. Strategist, DeWayne Ables and Market Intelligence Expert, Keith Prather will brief attendees on Pioneer’s IQ’s Fear and Recovery Curve model. Understanding how our nation’s fear response will evolve over time and trigger opportunities that will drive construction.

This session will provide a framework for leaders to define a timeline and an immediate plan to pioneer your own path through an the uncertain present while also preparing for new opportunities to come.

NOW is the time to understand how the needs of your market are changing, innovate your solution and quickly deploy it!


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DeWayne Ables


Pioneer IQ

DeWayne Ables, founder and President of Pioneer IQ, guides the strategic growth of companies in the Design and Construction Industry.  DeWayne has developed a unique “Strategic Growth Method” for this generation of Pioneers who are designing and building America.  The Pioneer Method equips Owners and Managers of design and construction companies to Develop their Leaders and Build their Business.   He is is a national instructor for DBIA and has recently been a featured presenter on two DBIA COVID-19 Response Webinars

Keith Prather

Managing Director

Armada Corporate Intelligence

Mr. Keith Prather is a Managing Director of Armada Corporate Intelligence and one of the companies’ co-founders. Keith has pioneered the concept of the Continuous Situation Analysis that companies use in a fast-paced, aggressive modern business environment. He has also developed a number of proprietary analytical tools that have been used by companies of all sizes. These include tools designed to position a company in its competitive market, forecasting of competitive movements in an industry sector, identification of the impact of competitive scenarios, and strategic optioning for high-level corporate strategy. He has worked with teams to understand supply chain and strategic business activities in key account programs with companies in the Fortune 100. Keith has an MBA with a focused thesis on Corporate Intelligence. He is a former Chief Financial Officer and has an extensive background in construction industry data analysis.