What Happens If You Combine BIM, Lean, and ISO 19650 (the new international BIM standard)?

Recorded On: 11/04/2022

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Although BIM and Lean complement each other, teams still find themselves fighting traditional contractual battles when you merely mix them together. Welcome to the new AEC superpower: ISO 19650, a global information management standard for BIM. ISO 19650 sets out the workflow for managing information throughout the lifecycle of a project and, more importantly, how it should be incorporated into contracts. We see strong evidence that combining BIM, Lean, and ISO 19650 makes more efficient outcomes possible for all stakeholders. So, if you want to be on the cutting-edge of BIM adoption, hear me discuss practical methods for implementing ISO 19650 as part of a Lean BIM workflow!

Clive Jordan, MEng DIS

Co-founder and CEO


Clive is a Civil Engineer turned Contractor, Architect, Owner, and now Co-founder at his second BIM/AEC startup called Plannerly. At Plannerly (The BIM Management Platform), Clive helps teams simplify BIM implementation to ISO 19650 standards.


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Open to view video.
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